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    DOWNLOAD: GBWhatsapp 6.60 Latest version

    If you are still using the oldest version of GBWhatsapp, you should upgrade to the latest version now and get more better features. GBWhatsapp is a modded version of WhatsApp application that helps users enjoy more features that the official WhatsApp version. The normal WhatsApp doesn't have much features as that of GBWhatsapp even Telegram cannot compare or stand out as well.

    In GBWhatsapp, you can send video size of 30MB instead of the regular 16MB. You can also share your Apk file directly from Chat or Group and with this app, you can use two WhatsApp on one phone and lots more.

    The geeks are likely to use the app than the novice because GBWhatsapp enables you to customise your WhatsApp unlike the official WhatsApp app while the novice doesn't want to explore more.

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    Features Of Latest GBWhatsapp 6.60 Application 


     1.   It has successfully upgraded to version 2.18.146

     2.   It has the ability to pin more than 3 conversations.

     3.   You can send games, programs and files.

     4.   You can now PIN any chat at the top while official WhatsApp only support 3 chats to be pinned.

     5.   The ability to send video size 30MB instead of 16MB.

     6.   You can put a list of names instead of a status list or a list of call records in Edit Option No. 6.8.

     7.   You can now see the number of messages sent by each members in a Group.

     8.   You can do some batch operation like bulk deleting or muting.

     9.   This version fixed the lock not appearing when opening the wattage from the widget.

    10.  This version fixed no pattern appearance when hiding a conversation in some setups.

    11.  Add option number 1.1.14 to hide the combo button from the top bar in the conversation.

    12.  You can add an option to change the style of hidden conversations.

    13.  It has fixed option 6.11 to disable pop-up notifications in the Android Nougat version.

    14.  The version now has privacy options.

    15.  The version has also fixed bugs and lots more.
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    Where To Download GBWhatsapp 5.60 Latest Version and How to Install it

       *   Firstly, download the GBWhatsapp 5.60 application by clicking here 

    Alternative Download Link

       *    Launch the app and Enter your phone number for verification.

       *    Input your name.

       *    You can restore your previous chats and finish registration.

       *     Enjoy!

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    What do you have to say about latest version of GBWhatsapp?

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